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Kittie icons! [27 Jul 2006|03:20am]



There are 18 icons in this batch, including the 3 teasers. If you want to check out the rest, join my graphics community! leoparddigii - I make a lot of Kittie graphics, reason being I am completely obsessed. :) You may know me as the webmistress of daughtersdown.net and Mercedes official site mercedeslander.net.

Join here.

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[14 Oct 2005|11:50am]

[ mood | tired ]

Lots of new promo pictures here!

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Pictures. [03 Oct 2005|05:54pm]
Here's a link to some live KiTTiE pictures...

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Question. [30 Sep 2005|05:12pm]
[ mood | anxious ]

I have a really big favor to ask, could anyone make me some KiTTiE icons of the new line-up/ I will mos def credit you. Thanks.

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[29 Sep 2005|09:11pm]

So, it's official--Kittie have two new members, Tara McLeod and Trish Doan. here is an article about them, and a picture of the band below the cutCollapse )

I'm so excited! I can't wait to hear what the new stuff sounds like! Is anyone going to the upcoming shows?

Also--I have an idea to get this community a little more active--I'm in another community, chick_rock, which does voting on different albums--an album is picked, and then every week a song or two is voted off till all that's left is the community's favorite song. They did Spit a while back (Brackish won), and I thought it might be cool to do something like that in this community? We could vote on our favorite songs from each cd and then vote on those to determine our favorite Kittie song ever, or something like that. I don't have a paid account, so I can't make polls, but maybe one of the other moderators can? Anyway, let me know if you're interested and I'll try to set that up.
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[24 Jul 2005|08:38am]

Name: Isabella (Izze) <3
Age: 16
Location: NH
Favorite Kittie Member: Mercedes Lander
Favorite Kittie Song: Paperdoll
Tell Me About yourself: Huge Kittie and Mercedes fan- I'm new to LJ but I love all these comunities, I'm also willing to add more friends so check out my journal whenever-
Gender: Female
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[03 Jul 2005|04:20pm]

Hello just thought I would say hello. I was talenaaakittie one of the old mods. Just thought I would say.
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[02 Jul 2005|08:11pm]

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
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That's just random... [20 May 2005|10:58pm]
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
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New Kittie Fan [09 May 2005|08:21pm]

[ mood | cold ]

Name: Jonny
Age: 15
Location: Baldwin Park Ca
Favorite Kittie Member: Talena Atfield..Morgan Lander
Favorite Kittie Song: Spit-Mouthful Of Poison-Paperdoll-Red Flag
Tell Me About yourself: Im A Bi Hardcore KiTTie Fan!
Picture of yourself(Optional, we are not a rating community):



Picture Right Here. XCollapse )

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Note To The Other Mods [30 Apr 2005|10:00pm]

[ mood | excited ]

I'm switching journals: my new one is outsidetherain, so I'll be using that one. I went ahead and gave my new journal mod status; just to let you guys know :)

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application [27 Apr 2005|10:10pm]

under the cutCollapse )
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[[x]] It's been Awhile....[[x]] [25 Apr 2005|07:55am]

[[x]] It's been awhile, since i stopped by my community, i hope every likes the site....thanks to the other two mods, this site is kick ass...i hope Everythings is ok, i've been away with college work and stuff like that so i never really had the time to check on my communtity...well, making sure that everyone is still a live and i hope we get more people......keep up the good work mods....[[x]]


*If anyone needs to contact me, just type me a message on my journal and on the title or subject part type "regarding towards kittie community", and i will respond ASAP...*
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Vh1? [02 Apr 2005|09:21pm]

So this might sound retarded, but i was really surprised when kittie showed up on Vh1's High school bad girls. was anyone else? or did no one see it?
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[31 Mar 2005|04:00pm]

[ mood | different ]

OK. So Kittie has left Artimis Records. I can't wait til they get signed again so they can put out a 4th album! Hell Yeah!!!

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[24 Mar 2005|07:31pm]

[ mood | depressed ]

So Kittie is down to 2...Lisa and Jenn are gone.

The truth :
*Lisa left the band. And i quote from lisa..."I QUIT THE BAND IN FEBRUARY."

I was not given a press release for reasons i have no idea about. there was a post on here the other day from someone i talked to at a show, that has now mysteriously disappeared. interesting. i have not heard from morgan or mercedes since the tour in mexico, so i don't know what is happening with the band. i can only speculate based on the same reasons that i was no longer able to continue with the band. i wish them the best of luck... based on what they told me, they'll need it.

Thank you to all the fans for everything, i had a blast while it lasted. i'm sorry management didn't inform you of my resignation sooner, i have been waiting myself to hear about a press release. now that people are talking, i wanted to clear up any confusion.

Hopefully this won't be deleted, you all deserve to know the truth.


*Jennifer gone also
what morgan posted on the kittie boards

Alright, I know that what has happened with Lisa comes as a shock to all of you. It was a shock to all of us too. Things haven't been said in a press release up until this point with good reason however. Not only has Lisa decided to leave the band, but Jennifer has decided to leave too. I figured we should get this all out into the open while we still can.

We discussed Jennifer's departure with her, and with a heavy heart, she said she can no longer continue with Kittie, so she will be continuing on with Suicide City full time.

There was no press release for Lisa when she decided to leave because we had decided with Jen that we should wait until April 1st to let this all out of the bag, both from her end and ours. This is an amicable departure!

Now the reasons...I feel that there are only a few real factors that came into play regarding this happening with both Lisa and Jennifer...

For the past few years, Artemis records has denied us critical things like tour support, movie soundtracks, advertisement placement and other critical things that help a band to keep making money and pay the people that needed to be payed, like Jen and Lisa. Within the last 6 months, thing became so financially bad that we were no longer able to keep the girls on retainer, that is give them a salary while we are not touring. Not only were we not able to pay them, but we came home from the last tour not knowing what was next for the band.

It is a sad fact, but ALL of this is happening because our label is destroying us, and these girls jumped from the sinking ship while they still could. Unfortunetly for Mercedes and I, we have to continue on if Artemis renews our option, whether our hearts are in it or not...

Jen has been with us for 3 years, and she has seen the hardship, and experienced the pain and sadness in knowing that as long as we are with the label, we will never be where we know Kittie can be. She is a smart girl, and a hungry person, and she knows the trouble with the label first hand...

We don't blame the girls for leaving. Financially and emotionally, our troulble with the label has done nothing but break our spirits. How can we insure a future for them when we DON'T EVEN KNOW WHAT OURS WILL BE? As long as we are with Artemis, I can't guarentee anything...

We love all of the girls, and wish them the best of luck...Its just so sad

taken from kitties_whore

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[20 Mar 2005|10:50pm]

Follow the fake-out...( cuz we don't have enough fake shit in this world already)Collapse )
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new [15 Mar 2005|11:34am]

[ mood | bitchy ]

Name:well i have a few my real name is becky but everyone calls me either BONES OR WITCHY u pic what u like
Location:in the middle of no where in florida
Favorite Kittie Member:talena
Favorite Kittie Song:welll either paperdoll, brakish. soaked or do u think im a whore
Tell Me About yourself:well all i can say is im 5'3 kinda long black hair honeybrown eyes i love to mosh and headbang hangout with my friends ect..nething else just ask

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application [01 Mar 2005|07:33pm]

[ mood | cranky ]

Name:which one!! lol all my friends call me either Ozzy Oz or Ozworth (sometimes Ozzfest) ..[by the way even tho its a guys nickname i am acctually female!]
Location: England [just outside london]
Favorite Kittie Member:was Talena but now its between Morgan and Mercedes
Favorite Kittie Song: ermmm In winter, Paperdoll or Into the darkness.
Tell Me About yourself: ermmm, i dunno boring stuff really, im a performing arts student just coming up to the end of my first year, im the vocalist in 2 bands [one Kittie/opeth style called Tomorrow without midnight, and one Jack off jill style called Celibate whore]. i play bass and guitar annnd thats pretty much it. Kittie are my fave band in the whole world and Talena is/always has been my fave member.

sorry its not on LJ cut but i dunno how to do it >_< sorry!!


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[23 Feb 2005|07:09pm]

will someone re-post the link to the interview with Lisa about veganism?

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